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S21sec in Payments Council e-Crime Seminar 2010

S21sec has been asked to speak at the UK Payments Council e-crime Seminar 2010. The event is invite only and aimed firmly at the UK financial sector.

S21sec will be speaking about our recent discovery of the Zeus platform extending its reach to mobile platforms in a blended attack that we have named MITMO (Man-In-The-Mobile).

The speech is called: “ZeuS- Mitmo: is mobile infection the next step for committing fraud?”
We hope to see you there!

You can find all the information following this link.

1 comentarios:

Chirag Desai said...

Hi, great to hear this, both from an awarness point of view and from S21Sec's point of view :)

Any chance the presentation/talk can be put online for us?

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